The leading international olive oil contest

OLIVE D'OR is celebrating its 10th anniversary!!!

Discover and texte hundred of olive oils from many different countries.

14 countries represented in 2015!

 The olive oils, submitted by global producers, have all been tasted according to the standards of the International Olive Oil Council by a jury composed of international olive oil and gastronomy experts.

Taste, compare, ask your questions to our expert Christine Cheylan, and take home some of the best products that will please your customers.

Not yet distributed in Canada, but ready to be, most of these fine-food olive oils are indeed pure diamond for you and your customers.

The 15 olive oils will be showcased individually at the Olive d’Or booth (#218) at the SIAL Canada Exhibition on April 28, 2015.  The Olive d'Or space allows visitors to discover and taste the world's best olive oils, directly from their producers! 


Not to be missed!!!

A blind tasting session of all Golden Drop winners on April 28th, at 11 a.m., Booth #218. Gather around Christine Cheylan to taste the world's best olive oils, directly from their producers!


An expert is there for you! #Booth #218

Christine Cheylan, President of Olive d'Or contest, will be here to answer your questions and to share her passion for olive oil.







Jury Members

Elyse Lambert, Meilleur Sommelier du Canada 2015, Meilleur sommelier des Amériques 2009, Top 12 Mondial 2010

Country: Canada



Denise Langevin 

Country: Chili

Denise Langevin has been associated with olive oil since 2004. For several years she imported olive oil from Argentina and now is owner of a small olive grove (8 hectares) that iw currently in production. In 2009 Denise attended the Chateau Virant in France, the University of Bologna in Italy and Aspol, Italy for olive oil tasting. She is currently representing several brands in Chile for an Italian Blend, a French olive oil and a Portuguese brand.

Chronicler of the Magazine Chef & Hotel for a space devoted to olive oil.


Maria Grazia Lemme

Country: Italy

Maria Grazia Lemme, born in Italy, has been passionate by extra virgin olive oil since the 2000’s. She received a first certificate from « Coldiretti » institute in Italy after an intensive training on defaults, intensities and origins.

She pursued her training at the Mediterranean University (Italy) and learnt about the olive oil tasting including defaults analysis, intensity and quality levels.

Now back in Canada after 25 years spent in her country Maria aims at sharing her olive oil knowledge to better identify the best olive oils in the market.




Discover our 2015 winners HERE

Where to buy the winners and coupd de coeur of Olive d'Or 2015 contest?


15 winning products from 4 categories (ripe fruit, light fruit, medium fruit, and strong fruit flavours)

4 Gold

3 Sylver

3 Bronze



5 Special Prizes




All winners will be showcased from day 1 on Olive d'Or booth


Discover the 2013 winners!








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